Stitches nous dévoile son single “Kill Switch”

Stitches – Kill Switch

Stitches is a Miami rapper with a massive following, he broke out on the national scene in 2014 with his viral hit “Brick in Yo Face”, now garnering over 32 million views up to date. Since then, he has release seven studio albums, four mixtapes and an EP that have amassed over a 1 billion streams, around the world and over one billion views, on YouTube.
Stitches die hard fan base has grown exponentially over the years, with hits like “Molly Cyrus” and “A Million Dimes”, both videos have garnered over 30 million views.
Stitches is one of the most watched artists on YouTube, making him a regular discussion topic on every major Hip-Hop and pop culture forum, not to mention he’s Ed Sheeran’s favorite rapper.
Stitches new project is being set for release in 2022 on Concore Entertainment.
“Stitches unbridled intensity and raw subject matter are the sort of thing’s that have become harder to find at Hiphop center in recent years.”

-Jon Caramanica, NY Times